Gulf Stream Shutdown
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Gulf Stream chart

Gulf Stream Shutdown
(It's when the new European summer looks a lot like the old European winter)


Abrupt Climate Change
From the Ocean and Climate Change Institute of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. This is by far the best and most comprehensive site on the Gulf Stream Shutdown and abrupt climate change
- Are We on the Brink of a New "Little Ice Age"?
- Ocean Monitoring Systems
- Should We Be Worried?
Current Velocities of the Gulf Stream
Department of Earth Observation and Space Systems (DEOS) - Technical University Delft
Monitoring indicators of abrupt climate change, including the Gulf Stream flow - From

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Apocalypse Now
How Mankind is Sleepwalking to the End of the Earth
Arctic Ice Melting Faster than Predicted
From The Telegraph
A Current Controversy: Is Europe About to Freeze?
From Science Daily
Big Chill, The
Transcript of excellent BBC program on likely effects of a Gulf Stream Shutdown
Currents of Change
Investigating the ocean's role in climate
Great Gulfstream Flip-Flop, The
By William Calvin from the Atlantic Monthly
Gulf Stream
History of the Gulf Stream
By Jerry Wilkinson
How Global Warming May Cause the Next Ice Age
By Thom Hartmann
How Will Stocks Handle the Big Chill?
From MSN Money
Migrate to New Zealand for Survival?
From Emigrate New Zealand
Ocean Circulation Shut Down by Melting Glaciers after Last Ice Age
Ocean Forces Threaten Our Climate
Pentagon Abrupt Climate Change Study
- Global Business Network comments with link to PDF file
Reckoning, The
Global warming is likely to cause huge climatic changes -- and possibly a new Ice Age
Shutdown of Circulation Pattern Could Be Disastrous
From Science Daily
Thermohaline Circulation
From the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
Will Marine Currents Change?
Younger Dryas


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